I love Will and I am a hardcore fan of WilSon (and love Ejami) but I’m also so mad at Will for not seeing how this article will do more harm than good. He should have stayed out of all this mess. Ej cheating on his mother was a huge mistake and Sami is acting like a bitch and all but no one seems to care about her feelings, not even her son and I can’t stand the fact all Salem is patting a hand on “poor” Abigail’s shoulder like she was the victim. She is not. She jumped the man 3 times and enjoyed every minute of it and in the meanwhile she was betraying Sami who thought to have a friend in her. I don’t condone Sami’s revenge but I can get she has a point. Anyway, Sami is hurting people in the process but even more will be hurt by this article. That’s why I think Will is hot blind at the moment and maybe he had to listen to his hot adorable husband who warned him a couple of times.

And write less and make out more.